Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Challenges 2014

This month my husband and I will be completing 3 August challenges.
A plank a day
The August challenge from Well-Girl
and the Give it your Allgust challenge from Blogilates

We have recently moved from Texas to Arizona, and basically have to start over with meeting people to workout with. Then, my husband says he needs to get back in shape so I decided we should do this together. What better way to have accountability then with someone in your own home. The best part is when our little one joins in. ADORABLE. 

We plan on completing all three of these calenders. After day one my back (which I injured in May) already feels better from Blogilates day of stretching. 

All these challenges are posted for free and are a great way to get a workout in without paying for a gym membership. If you give yourself accountability at home then you don't need to go anywhere to get sweaty.

How do you stay accountable with your goals?